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Kiwi Home Buyers "Resources Center"

 We operate under the abundance mindset! If you are new Real Estate Investing or a Seasoned Real Estate Guru. Its always a good to have a place to come to find what the professionals in your area are using to evaluate deals. Below are some resources that you can use to help you in your pursuits of finding those Home Run Deals.


As new tools or spreadsheet come available that we see could be of valuable, we will add them to this page. So, make sure to check back!


Evaluating Deals 

  • Property Information Lead Sheet - First things first, we have to get the property details. Its crucial to get as much information on a potential property as you can and this is a really useful lead sheet to keep you on track. 

  • Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet  This is a basic spreadsheet used to identify the factors that make up your offer to ensure your project will be profitable.

  • Make Your Money Work For You - This is an optional tool if you are looking to start investing in real estate with-or-without your own sweat equity.

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