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Top 10 Cash Flowing Rental Properties 

KHB Top 10 is the #1 source for profitable rental properties, listed on Zillow, producing 3-4 figure net profits per month.

Every 24 hours, every type of residential & multi-family properties (nationwide) are reviewed and analyzed for their profit potential.


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We like to classify these properties as No-Haggle Listings. You can purchase each property at the asking price and still see crazy profits. 

A True Win-Win!

Each listing goes through a rigorous review to ensure quality and profitability:

Each property is analyzed for: Purchase Price, Financing (Traditional), Mortgage Insurance, Closing Cost, Property Taxes, Insurance, Property Management, Maintenance, Expenditures, Rehab (visually), HOA fees and Appreciation/Depreciation to determine monthly expense. 

Through proprietary rental rate software as well as access to local Landlord Associations, the property's rental rates are calculated. Size and location are determining factors.

If they're so freakin' profitable, why don't you guys just buy them???

The truth is: We simply can't buy them all. There are so many profitable properties on the market, and our team is equipped to find them. So, we decided to put it in a format that's easy to read and valuable to the reader. Each list includes your expense and monthly net profit. 

Don't Delay, Take Action Today! 

Reduce the headache of searching for good deals by downloading your state's most lucrative rental properties on the market, Right Now!

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