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Our Business Plan involves You!

In real estate there can be a lot of moving parts. It's vital for Kiwi Home Buyers to surround ourselves with quality professionals who are knowledgeable in their respective fields. When we review leads our primary goal is to close on win-win properties. The steps that follow can vary, so lets run down our business model which involves you. Yes You! We want you to be a success too. Join the fortune of investing.

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Connect with Us

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Leads! The life line of our business. We take pride in finding new leads & lead sources everyday! Our current lead sources consist of proprietary software, direct & content marketing, social media marketing, advertisements, word of mouth, networking, personal relationship and every sector of real estate professionals. When leads come in, it is our intent to reviewed them within a 24 hours period.


Property condition don't matter, we provide fair cash offers within 24-48 hours.


Once a lead has been reviewed, we analyze them for the market they are in and profit potential. In laymen terms we want to see if the property can produce cash flow because this will determine what's a viable offer. We do our best to know as much about a property in the time available so that we can make the most educated decision.


Every property is not created equally. There are some cases where we have home run's and then others that, well, not so much.

Most of our deals involve partnered deals long standing relationships and secured funds. 


Due to the shear volume of leads we receive, there are times where we don't have the personnel nor resources to take on another project, but, they still may be profitable. This is where being a KHB Newsletter subscriber is so important.

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Fix N Flips vs. Buy and holds

"Well if the deal is so good why don't you use it?"


We have a good number of leads coming in everyday and more times then not there are instances where we are running multiple projects already. In those situations we have decided to share them with you or possibly partner on a deal with you.  


What sets us apart is instead of simply blasting out an address, asking price and ARV, we take the time to provide a quality Property Newsletters that includes the most pertinent property details.


These newsletters are sent out 2-4 times a month based on the inventory we have in stock. The newsletter you'll see is based on your preferred profile. Maybe you want to see properties everywhere or maybe you only want to see properties located in Chicago, IL. The choice is yours.


Be sure to add yourself to our email distribution list so you aren't missing out on these haggle free Deals. 

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Creative Acquisition

Every property owner's financial situation isn't the same, just like ever property condition isn't the same either. We pride ourselves on being being transnational engineers. We have to be creative in designing the best financial solution for both the Seller and the Buyer. Below are a few creative financing techniques we implore to help get deals done. ​

  • Subject to Existing Mortgage

  • Seller Carry 

  • Land Contract

  • Contract for Deed

  • Lease Option (Master Lease)

  • Option


​   Our title company helps facilitate

   all closing procedures such as the

   title transfer, affidavit of title, bill

   of sale, tax transfer forms and           settlement statements. 

   If additional documents

   are needed we have

   competent people on staff to

   handle each situations.

Construction Phase

Tool Time!! Our favorite phase. We are always looking for new skilled craft. If you specialize in a specific trade and can manage your crew, we would like to work with you.


Prior to investing, we built up over 15+ years of Project Management experience within construction. We have a great appreciate for seeing a project come to fruition with equal opportunity hiring.

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Due Diligence Checklist(s) are something we actually do throughout the course of acquisition, closing, construction and marketing. However, its important to highlight this as a stage of investing because when you follow a checklist, you can pin point any omissions in your process. This allows us to fix small problems before they become big problems.

If you have any further questions, Contact Us and we will be happy help. 

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