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Realtors are so very important to our business.

 We appreciate your connection with the “buyers”.

And we appreciate your help with ensuring your

client make an informed decision. We are a

“Realtor friendly” company and encourage our

clients to seek the advice of a good Realtor.

Your commissions will be added to the wholesale

price of the property under review. Due to the 

deeply discounted price there is enough of margin 

to add on a Realtor commission. 

We are aggressively searching for deeply

discounted properties. So feel free to send us your

REO's or distressed property listings and we'll be

happy to make an offer so you can receive “both

sides” of the commission. You can submit your

properties by calling our office at 224-201-6044.

Our Referral Program


Do you have a family member or friend who is behind on their mortgage or is in need of immediate help? Give us a call with their information and you could make anywhere from $500 - $3,000 if we are able to help them with their situation. Foreclosure, bad house, back taxes, divorce: No Problem. Give us a call and if we decide to purchase the  property you could have cash in hand at the end of the deal.  We buy properties almost every day so if your are looking for a side job or just know someone in need of help, this is a perfect opportunity to make some money on the side.

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What We’re Looking To Buy:

  • Single-family homes

  • Multi-family buildings

  • 3 bed 1 bath minimum

  • Built after 1950

  • Minimum of 30% equity After Repair Value

  • $40,000+ Profit 

  • Rented

  • Occupied

  • Vacant

  • Not Listed on the MLS

    • Sold by Owner​

  • Most important: MOTIVATED SELLER!!!


Where We’re Looking To Buy it:

  1. Logan Square

  2. Humboldt Park

  3. Buck Town

  4. Hermosa

  5. West Town

  6. Avondale

  7. Belmont Cragin

  8. Portage Park

  9. Pilsen

  10. Midway

  11. McKinley Park

  12. Bridge Port

  13. Bronzeville

  14. Auburn Gresham

  15. Beverly

  16. Niles

  17. Skokie

  18. Des Plains

  19. All north suburbs

  20. And most Chicago area’s


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